The Jury


The Jury of the International Volunteering Award is composed of  members with various qualifications in the fields of Communication, Volunteering and the Civil Society.

The Jury members will express their vote at the same time as people through the network for their candidate of choice in each of the two categories.

The single vote of each Jury member will have a value equivalent to 150 votes online.

The sum of the votes received will determine the overall score obtained, which will be made public on the web page in conjunction with the award ceremony.

If 2 candidates obtain the same result, preference will be given to the candidate who has received the highest number of votes of the jury. If the two candidates have received the same number of votes from the jury members, they will opt for the person with a longer service duration.

The members are:

Becchetti Leonardo - Professor of Political Economics at the Faculty of Economics of the University of Rome "Tor Vergata".

Calabresi Matteo - Responsible for Servizio per la promozione del sostegno economico alla Chiesa cattolica – CEI

Cattai Gianfranco – President of FOCSIV

Collodi Luca - Vatican Radio

Fiaschi Claudia - Spokesperson for the Forum Nazionale del Terzo Settore

Lanzone Andrea - Adjunct Assistant Professor of History and Assistant Dean of Student Academic Affairs, John Cabot University

Mondin Sonia – President of MASCI - Adult Scout Movement

Morgante Vincenzo- Director of TV2000

Natale Roberto - Social Responsibility of RAI 

Ogongo Stephen – Editor in Chief of Stranieri in Italia

Perrone Nico – Director of Agenzia Dire

Pizzoli Giuseppe - Director of Fondazione MISSIO

Rizzolo Antonio -Director of Famiglia Cristiana

Soglio Elisabetta -Director of Corriere - Buone Notizie

Tarquinio Marco - Director of Avvenire

Ursella Laura - Coordinator of Formazione ACCRI - Socio FOCSIV