The Contest

On May 19th, Focsiv celebrated its 50th anniversary, a reality that today brings together 87 Italian organizations present in over 80 countries with projects and interventions of human development cooperation and international solidarity. Focsiv is a reference point for that activism of active citizenship of our country capable of bringing requests to Italian and European politics, but also capable of bringing about transformations in the social fabric and of soliciting changes in the habits and attitude of the population towards certain issues irremediable for the future of the Planet and of the very existence of humanity.

As part of the celebrations of the Federation's 50th anniversary, the 29th edition of the International Volunteer Award will take place.
The award is the recognition that Focsiv dedicates to those who have distinguished themselves in the fight against all forms of poverty and exclusion, for the affirmation of the dignity and rights of every human being, thus demonstrating constant commitment to the populations of the South.

The celebrations will take place in Rome over three days between Saturday 12 and Monday 14 November. In particular, the Workshop entitled "Essere umani, esseri umani.  Alla ricerca di un equilibrio, sopra la follia, within which the award ceremony of the XXIX International Volunteer Award is scheduled.

This edition is also reserved for Federation's members and will see two main categories in competition: International Volunteer and Volunteer from the South, whose winners will be chosen by a Jury composed of exponents in the world of Communication, Volunteering and the Third sector.

Download here the programme