For FOCSIV, international volunteering is a resource for Development Cooperation, unquestionable especially in those contexts where migration flows are increasing due to wars, but also due to factors such as social inequalities, the crisis of the labour market, the right to land and housing, respect for the family, to which the dramatic effects caused by climate change and environmental degradation have been added for some time now.

The Federation launches the 28th edition of the FOCSIV International Volunteer Award within the project Faces of Migration (FOCSIV is the Italian partner of the project as a member of GCAP Italy) with the aim of providing information and raising awareness on the Sustainable Development Goals - SDGs and their link with migration. This in the awareness that bringing the migration issue closer to the global crisis will allow EU citizens to better understand the various aspects at stake and to change their attitude towards migrants in their local context.

This edition will be exclusively reserved to Focsiv members and will see two main categories in competition: International Volunteer and Volunteer from the South. In particular, the first one will be enlarged, welcoming together with the historical expatriate volunteer, the volunteers of the Universal Civil Service and other experiences in which solidarity is expressed, independently from the time dedicated to the service.
As always, the Jury will choose the winners in both categories. As usual, Special Mentions and the Human Rights Defender Award will be assigned.

The Award Ceremony will take place in Rome on Saturday 4 December 2021, in conjunction with the World Volunteer Day, called by the United Nations since 1994, which falls on 5 December.

The programme will be published shortly.