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Ahmad AlThaher


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Ahmad AlThaher, in Giordania con Madrasati initiative

Have you ever wondered what kind of person you are? There are more than 6 billion people on Earth; you cannot expect them to all be the same. I believe in the saying "be the change you want to see in this world" and as believing alone is not enough, I decided to make it real by being a part of each and every volunteering chance I encounter, especially after I survived from Nasopharyngeal cancer since 5 years. I decided to expand my voluntary work to leave a fingerprint in my beloved country Jordan.

My name is Ahmad AlThaher, I am 25 year old. I was born in Saudi Arabia and I live in Jordan. Currently I am attending my sixth and final year as a medical student in Jordan University of Science & Technology in Jordan.

I partecipated in many different activities since childhood with a variety of organizations which duty had been focused on humanity service in different manners, either in Health, Education, Awareness, or Refugees issues. I have been impressed and learned from each single person I met, and the happiness that I felt after helping people made me more dedicated to continue in the voluntary work.

The turning point of my life happened when I got acceptance in Faculty of Medicine. I joined a great family of medical students (nternational Federation of Medical students Association –Jo "NGO") working hand by hand, leading, organizing and volunteering in a lot of activities in different committees like Public health, Human rights & Refugees, Education, Research. The dream started here, when I was leading a lot of campaigns, organizing medical missions with international doctors, trying to invent ideas, arrange activities in order to solve Palestinian & Syrian refugees problems in camps here in Jordan. By this great experience, I made a good number of collaborations with different organizations, either local or international and I found myself interested in education aspects in underprivileged areas. This is the reason that let me join Madrasati initiative under patronage of her Majesty  Queen Rania Al-Abdullah. This experience allowed me to understand that education is the best place to invest, especially in underprivileged areas, because the school students lack all facilities and motivation to make them active in our society. In addition, these schools include Syrian refugees’ students who have been displaced by war. This is the reason that pushed me to make something for them and to achieve my dream in leaving a fingerprint for lifetime.   

That’s why I have been working with them since 3 years on Madaris project and in many different activities, trainings and camps they have arranged.  


Letter by Haneen Husaini

Reference letter by Tala Sweis, Director at Madrasati Initiative