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Kennedy Bazilio


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Kennedy Bazilio in Malawi con Ladder To Learning

Kennedy Bazilio è volontario con Ladder to Learning, una Ong a Lilongwe City, in Malawi. E' volontario nella scuola elementare di Lilongwe, una scuola governativa che accoglie principalmente bambini dei quartieri vicini più poveri. 

Kennedy ha iniziato come volontario per tenersi impegnato in attesa degli esami per la sua scuola secondaria, ma poi si è affezionato ai suoi bambini e al loro sorriso e ha continuato sapendo quanto importante sia la scuola per le loro prospettive future. 

Qui alcune riflessioni sul volontariato e la sua esperienza con Ladder to Learning che Kennedy ha voluto condividere:

"Being a volunteer is something many people regarded as useless thing. People want to work for money.  But in volunteering there are many benefits.

The first day I started volunteering I shared same mentality with those who think there is nothing in volunteerism. I felt like i'm wasting my time. My friends discouraged me not to join Ladders to learning but fortunately I did not listen. I moved on and join Ladder to Learning.

As soon as I started to volunteer, I found the experience beneficial. I started meeting new people and making friendship with them. I have been learning a lot in volunteering. For instance working as a team is something I was not common with before joining voluntary work. This would not be the case if I was just saying home doing nothing. This has helped me because I can confidently apply for a job which needs team work.

Another trait  I learnt was Working under pressure. The activities are very hectic. The library room is too small and fails to hold large numbers of learners the school has. Everyone wants to be helped fast and go home. They come in large number at once. To control them is not easy. It needs someone who is calm. They can mess the whole room. Children need to be talked calmly. They easly get bored if not properly handled. They can decide not to come back and read. But because my passion is to put literacy levels at a better position in Malawi, I don't complain. I know children can not behave as adults I always convice them how they can behave in the Library without messing anything. At the beginning was tough for them to get the point but now they understood.

The world of today needs active people who have done something to find a job. They want people who have experience. It's very rare for a person to get a job without such experiences. But a person can apply confidently if he/she worked as a volunteer before.

Volunteering is nice. I enjoy what I do. It is good to keep busy. An idle mind is the devil’s workshop."

I suoi colleghi dicono di lui: 

"Kennedy is consistent in his attendance and work. He is calm with both the students and colleagues."

-Patience Silungwe

"Kennedy Bazilio is a joy to work with. Always willing to learn himself. He is also persistent in his work."

-David Kazira

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