Layal Nassar

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Layal Nassar


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Layal Nassar, in Libano con United Nations Volunteers

The candidate is a double Master graduate in both Translation and International Affairs/Advanced European Affairs. Her volunteering experience varied between UNDP, DPNA (Development for People and Nature Association) and other local NGOs.

Recently, in the framework of the Lebanese Host Communities Support Project, a joint project between the Government of Lebanon and UNDP, the candidate was assigned with several tasks and has demonstrated multitasking skills through coordinating, reporting, planning, managing administrative tasks, distributing donations for refugees, organizing seminars and workshops, training youth on several topics, communicating, researching, linking stakeholders, setting up meeting with decision makers, helping Syrian refugees, representing the governor and reporting their situation to the governor. Her own initiatives were highly appreciated showing a strong motivation and dedication.

The candidate has pursued her master degrees in Italy; living abroad in a European country has enriched her and enhanced her ability to better adapt and accommodate with people from different backgrounds, cultures and beliefs.


Statement by Hussein Nasrallah (UNDP) and Kassem Chaalan (Red Cross)