Mohammed Adam Abbas Hamad

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Mohammed Adam Abbas Hamad


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Mohammed Abbas, in Sudan con Agricultural Technology Transfer Society

My field of specialization is rural development and I did my phd degree within the same project in production of biogas as clean energy for rural households and improvement of women garden yields using the biogas good quality fertilizer.

I am currently working with small scale rural farmers in renewable energy and helping women in biogas fertilizer in their home garden to increase their vegetables’ yield.

My phd research was part of the activity of the project as to install biogas units for rural household to save women workload from fetching wood, to provide clean environment inside and outside the kitchen, to improve women resilience by increasing her vegetable yield and so increasing family nutrition and income.

The results of my phd revealed the many benefits of using biogas as alternative energy, reducing fuelwood consumption, and deforestation, sanitation as animal manure is now used to feed the biodigester, the kitchen is now clean without smoke, women have more time to spend on productive work. Women income had increased a lot from increased vegetable yield and family nutrition improved by consuming more vegetables.