Sarah Nambudye

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Sarah Nambudye


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Sarah Nambudye, in Uganda con Mothers’ Initiatives Africa

I have been a volunteer in the communities of Mbale and Manafwa Districts in Eastern Uganda for three years. I am a team leader who champions  girl child retention in schools through awareness raising in terms of embracing proper menstrual hygiene standards as a way of reducing the high primary school dropout rates and early pregnancies in the region. Here, we do guidance and counseling, mentoring, behavioral issues and career developement.

I am a trained Development worker, Social Entrepreneur and an Ambassador of Womens’ Health, my passion lies in the ability to transform society into a better place while using available resources. I am a person who is  participatory in nature, I work with the involvement of the pupils, teachers, parents, and even out of school youths who have fallen victim to rape and defilement, school dropouts and the community at large. For all the activities we undertake and with the beneficiaries we serve, we ensure strict confidentiality. I study, analyse and make practical recommendations to solve our beneficiaries' problems. We always maintain a close relationship with all our women and girls (beneficiaries), and advise them on any opportunities or trends affecting them. We insist on delivering life transforming support that adds value to the life of our beneficiaries.