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Sibi Eli Lawson Gabada


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Sibi Eli Lawson, in Togo con United Nations Volunteers

I'm Sibi Eli Lawson-Gabada, Environmental Engineer, Health and Sustainable Development and M & E Expert. As a young married woman, I am in my second experience as a UN Volunteer assigned to UNICEF-Togo during the past 27 months. Currently, I am the Monitoring and Evaluation Assistant who supports the UNICEF-Togo Monitoring and Evaluation Officer in his various tasks.

My mission that I find quite exciting and enriching is summarized around the following points:

Support to the development process of the new UNICEF-Togo CPD 2019-2023 country program: Support to the various stages of the development and updating of the roadmap of the new CPD country program; Support the updating of the document on the situation of children in Togo (SITAN); Supporting the update of the CPD 2014-2018 results matrix; Supporting the preparation of donor reports and progress reports; Participate in the various meetings of the partners (Government Party, other SNU agencies, etc.).

Support for the updating of various monitoring and evaluation tools such as PISE; Early Warning Early Action, etc.

Technical support for Child Survival and Growth Programs, Child Education, Child Protection and Socio-Economic Analysis & Advocacy for Children.

Support for the "Greening UNICEF" process, which takes environmental considerations into account in the implementation of the UNICEF mandate in Togo. It is about promoting actions and small actions in favor of the environment, in order to effectively combat climate change.

So, my mission, which is much more central to the development of the new CPD 2019-2023 country program of UNICEF-Togo, will offer several development opportunities for Togolese communities in general and children and women in particular Togo. I am proud to be a volunteer!


Statement from Teresa de TORRE, Chief Health & Nutrition at UNICEF