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Simeon Oyando Ogonda


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Simeon Ogonda, in Kenya con Education for Change

Simeon is the founding chairperson at Education for Change, a platform credited with the successful management of various training programs and high impact energy projects in Western Kenya.

His experience in the management of non-profits through platform business models began in 2008 through an academic organization of students called Enactus, an international organization of university students in over 40 countries.

His years of experience include successfully implementing different community-based projects such as community immersion camps, Diamond Challenge for high school entrepreneurs, Jualight project for lighting off-grid communities, Stoke project for developing and marketing environmentally friendly stoves, and a Mentoring program for university and college students.

Simeon’s work is driven by the need for social progress through the ultimate and positive power of business. Simeon has achieved progress in the transformation of the lives of 10,000+ persons directly and indirectly through his work. His work has been featured in various local and international media. These include Kenya’s Daily Nation among others like Forbes, the Guardian, Huffington Post, and the B Team’s series on responsible business.

Simeon is an alumna of American Express Leadership Academy and the second holder of the title of American Express Leadership Academy’s Non-profit Leader of the Year. He is also an alumna of the Community Solutions Program and a Board member of the program’s Alumni organization. He reviews applications for different youth-beneficiary programs and mentors youth in his capacity as a social entrepreneur. Simeon is a Commonwealth Scholar pursuing a Master’s in Education and International Development degree at University College London. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Arts (Philosophy and Political Science) from Maseno University and university credits from George Mason University.

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