Stanley M. Mutunga

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Stanley M. Mutunga


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Stanley M. Mutunga, in Kenya con Tumaini International

Stanley is a teacher, popular speaker, professor, administrator, entrepreneur, development consultant and an accomplished author.

Stanley founded Tumaini International in Kenya in 2003. Initially the goal was to support children who had been orphaned through AIDS in the SE region of the country.  He started working with the Kamba community but now works in 7 Counties throughout the country impacting multiple communities.

Stanley lost two elder brothers to AIDS in Kenya in 2000 & 2005 respectively. At the time he was working as Graduate Dean and Professor of Intercultural Communication at Hope International  University is Southern California, USA. Between the two brothers they left behind 12 orphans. Stanley and his wife started supporting those 12 nephews and nieces. It was through this family tragedy that Stanley wass exposed to the magnitude of the tragedy across Kenya and began to help other orphans in his County. That was the beginning of his calling to help AIDS orphans and other vulnerable children and communities in Kenya.

Currently Tumaini is involved in four interrelated areas of intervention: child sponsorship, healthcare, higher education and socio-economic empowerment.

Stanley founded the organization as a volunteer when he was working in higher education in the US. Tumaini was incorporated in Kenya in 2003 and Stanley has continued to volunteer as Founder & CEO since  that year. The organization has now grown from a small operation to a major organization impacting thousands of youth and poor communities throughout Kenya. In 2009, the Board of Directors asked Stanley to leave the university work and serve full time as the organization CEO.


Presentation letter by Ronald A. Jurgensen